Master Blanker CBL

Master Blanker Top Range model "CBL"

The Master Blanker CBL is high-speed blanking machine that features automated removal, which used to be done by hand.
Fully automated including waste ejection product palletizing.
Master Blanker CBL
Work at twice the speed with the new conveyor system
The Master Blanker CBL is a new high-speed blanking system that features automated removal, which used to be done by hand. This easy-to-operate machine includes features like a conveyor system and a new layout, to allow just one operator to do all the work rom blanking to job changes by themself.
The Master Blanker CBL can be used for speedy handling of multi-product, small-lot production needs, such as paper packages, cartons, transparent packaging, ounting paper, and trays. Manufactured by Laserck.
We worked for more than three years to develop a revolutionary and unique new conveyor system.Each conveyor separately carries products for blanking, enabling significant reduction of waiting time and quick setup.The takt time for all waste removal tasks is around 25 seconds* on this new model, compared with 43-50 seconds required by previous models. Previously, it took about 11 minutes per pallet (approx. 1,400 mm tall); but the new model can do it twice as fast at 7 minutes,30 seconds*. * Top speeds are listed.
Master Blanker CBL


One pallet is completed in 7 minutes.7 to 8 pallets (24,000 to 28,000 sheets) per 1 hour.
This calculation is based on paper thickness of carton board as 0.4mm.

CBL saves 6 to 7 workers.
These productivity may change depends on job.

  • Paper Size: 1,100mm x 800mm
  • Unit Size: 2,375mm x 4,180mm
  • Unite height: 2,377mm
  • Material: Paper, Card board, IML(In-mold label), PP(polypropylene)
Master Blanker CBL


Automatic palletizing system is standard on CBL.Conveyor delivery is option for workers to pick up each blanks, either with or without palletizing system.

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Eliminates paper dust

Single person operation, cost saver


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