Master Blanker BLK

Master Blanker mid rage model"BLK"

The Master Blanker BLK is high-speed blanking machine that features automated removal, which used to be done by hand.
Semi-automatic including palletizing, but without automatic waste ejection.
Master Blanker BLK
The Master Blanker is a high-speed off-line blanking unit that automates waste removal processing - a step which has generally had to be handled manually before now. Not only does the Master Blanker mechanize the waste removal process, but hen combined with the appropriate optional products, it also promotes greater automation of the entire production process. The Master Blanker offers an attractive combination of low running costs, high quality output, and high efficiency production. What's more, thanks to LASERCK's unique upper and lower pin design, the Master Blanker's cycle time is reduced and job changes are lightning fast. This enables the unit to adapt to the varying needs of facilities that demand high productivity. The Master Blanker is uniquely suited to today's era, where businesses need a flexible production system that can contend with a changing market and increasingly complex customer needs while creating small lots of many different products.
Master Blanker BLK


One pallet is completed in 11 minutes.4 to 5 pallets (14,000 to 17,000 sheets) per 1 hour.
This calculation is based on paper thickness of carton board as 0.4mm.

BLK saves 3 to 4 workers.
These productivity may change depends on job.

  • Paper Size: 1,100 mm x 800 mm
  • Unit Size: 2,000 mm x 2,730 mm
  • Unite height: 2,650 mm
  • Material: Paper, Card board, IML(In-mold label), PP(polypropylene)
High productivity

High productivity

The Master Blanker quintuples waste removal processing efficiency.Since it can perform blanking of materials up to 85 mm thick in a cycle of roughly 40 seconds, it can process an entire pallet (about 1,400 mm tall) in about 11 minutes. What's more, it only takes three minutes to complete the job change process. The Master Blanker truly breaks the mold when it comes to multi-product, small-lot production.

Reduced costs,Easy operation

Reduced costs,Easy operation

The Master Blanker features a unique arrangement of upper and lower pins. Since expensive male/female blanking boards are not required, running costs are dramatically reduced. The Master Blanker features easy operation for everything from blanking to changing jobs, so a single operator can handle the unit.
The Master Blanker also saves both the labor and the time that used to be required for manual waste removal operations.

Master Blanker BLK


Conveyor delivery is option for workers to pick up each blanks, either with or without palletizing system.

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Eliminates paper dust

Single person operation, cost saver


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